Naturopathy is a form of natural medicine that favours a holistic or alternative approach to health and wellbeing. The aim is to find a way to use natural remedies to heal yourself. This includes a range of treatments such as herbal remedies, essential oils, flower remedies, homeopathy, supplements and massage to improve your body and mind. A series of questions will be asked and a program will be put together to help your achieve your aims for health and wellbeing.

Many illnesses and ailments can be helped by using alternative therapies including, Anxiety, Arthritis, Back Pain, Diabetes, Headaches, Insomnia, IBS, Menopause and PMS.


A series of questions will be asked and a program will be put together to help your achieve your aims for health and wellbeing.

First Consultation 60 minutes £45.00

Follow up Appointments 30 minutes £25.00

If preferred, this can be done over video call upon request.


The following types of treatments will be considered during a Naturopathy consultation and recommendations will be made. There is no obligation to purchase any recommended remedy or treatment from Natural Vitality however treatments are available if required.

Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Essences are extracts from flowers which have a positive effect on emotional imbalances and mood swings such as fear, dejection, lack of self-confidence, stress and worrying.

Bach Flower Essences have the quality and ability to change a negative emotion into a positive one.



This is a treatment based on the use of highly diluted substances which can aid the body to heal itself. Homeopathic Remedies are generally available in tablet or liquid form. The remedies are linked to the physical, mental and emotional symptoms characteristics of a person rather than to a specific disease.

Herbal Medicines

Many of natures herbs are seen to have healing properties and can be used in various forms such as capsules, creams, teas, Tables and Essential oils.


This is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to be the pathways of invisible energy. This invisible energy is thought to penetrate the whole body and is why the treatment of a particular illness, pain or disease must be looked at the person as a whole.


Massage is a complementary therapy that enables complete mind and body relaxation. A massage treatment will help to eliminate the build up of toxins that accumulate in the muscles, often giving a feeling of letting go.

Dietary Consultation

We are what we eat and it is widely known that heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other major and minor ailments and diseases, including cancers, are often, at least in part, linked to poor nutrition. Food is not only vital fuel but also vital medicine for our body to keep us fit and well, strong and vital throughout our life. Our body uses what it can from the ingested food, storing the remainder and eliminating the rest.

We will look at your existing food plan and consider any improvements that could be made along with food supplements which may aid your health and wellbeing.